Blackjack Bonus

One important thing to know is that casino bonuses aren't necessarily the same as blackjack bonuses. Since blackjack is a great game for players to play in casinos, a lot of them are worried about giving out blackjack bonuses. So, if you grab a regular bonus at a casino, you may begin to play blackjack, just to learn that you didn't get any bonus whatsoever, after all!

However, good casinos still exist nowadays that won't mind sharing their generosity with blackjack players. Usually, they give out special bonuses for blackjack that will let players play the game (and sometimes even other limited games) in order to clear them. Although such bonuses are usually smaller or come with bigger betting requirements compared to "normal" casino bonuses, blackjack bonuses are still better because they allow players to play the game, whereas other bonuses may be limited to other games, such as keno and slots, where the casino has more of an advantage.

Bonuses for Online Blackjack

Although a lot of casinos out there provide blackjack bonuses, there are some that are better compared to others, such as the following.

  • Cherry Red provides brand new players special blackjack bonuses that stand above the normal bonuses that the majority of casinos provide! Brand new players are able to earn match bonuses for blackjack of 200% for $1,200 with the BLACKCHERRY coupon code.
  • Slots Oasis may sound like they only serve slots players, but they actual feature a great blackjack bonus with the BLACKOASIS coupon code. With it, you can get a blackjack bonus of 200% for a maximum of $1,000!
  • Rushmore Online also has a good blackjack bonus on offer, where you can get a blackjack bonus of 200% for a maximum of $1,000. Simply use the DOUBLEDOWN coupon code during your initial deposit.
  • Go Casino provides a massive total of $20k in casino bonuses for more than 20 deposits and the first deposit will be matched by 100% for $1,000. There is one problem, though: blackjack doesn't actually count for the bonus's play requirements. However, if you play here, you will get frequent bonuses for each deposit that are specific to certain games - blackjack included.